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Des Alpes - Garden

Maybe the most beautiful mountains in the world

After a day in the mountains or shopping enjoy the sun in our large garden with lovely view towards Vallunga and Stevia.


UNESCO World Heritage Dolomites

Many guests have confirmed the Dolomites are the most beautiful mountains in the world. In 2009, UNESCO also recognised the region’s uniqueness, its geological significance and, last but not least, its beauty. After all, it would have not acknowledged the mountain region ‘Dolomites’ as a World Heritage Site if that were not the case. Only regions with a special value for humanity are listed, and they deserve to be protected to preserve this inestimable value. Dolomites Val Gardena shoulders the responsibility which stems from this recognition seriously. Extensive protective measure towards the environment, research and teaching about the peculiarities of the Dolomites go hand-in-hand with an openness to tourism.